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Green Shadows, Chapter 1: Origins

Elikkä päivittelen tässä seuraavat muutama päivää Green Shadoweihin liittyvää fluffia jonka olen kirjoitellut. Ei mitään maailmaa mullistavaa, mutta toivottavasti avartaa vähän väen näkemyksiä koko joukkueesta. Teksti on englanniksi, koska minulla on tapana kirjoitella asioita englanniksi jostain syystä enkä niitä sen jälkeen halua suomeksi kääntää. Mutta sen pitemmittä puheitta itse asiaan:

Chapter 1: Origins

Green Shadows history goes back thousands of year all the way before Horus Heresy during the Great Crusade. A Young promising Space Marine scout squad lead by a man who would become Viridis Umbra the leader of Green Shadows. His squad had many of the most infamous of Green Shadow members in it. Young recruit who was manifesting his psycic powers who later came to be known as Ignis, the melee specialist who used normal combat daggers in pairs killing enemies fast and silently he later got name Culter. The 2nd in command of the squad was all around good soldier and talented commander with quick tactic sight on changing strategy in the flight, he later gained the name Spatha. The teams heavy specialist always carried a heavy bolter with him anywhere they went after many happenings he was known as Aries. There was also others but they are long forgotten in the stream of time. They gained fame in the ranks of the Salamander Legion for doing great commando missions before the legion got to the world. It wasn't long before they were given the rank of fully fledged Space Marines wearing their green armors with pride.

They still worked as a commando squad and only one little better known situation is known to happen to that space marine squad. It was on one world that had been over run by Orks. The squad was sent there to hold the Orks at bay for the few surviving soldiers to fortify a starport for the rest of the legion to come and purge the Orks. First the commando tactics had been working well but it was only time before the Orks caught their scent. They were walling back getting to cover from Ork shooting in some trenches made by Imperial Guard. The Orks started an assault from the woods at the few space marines the five where only ones left others had died in the woods to Ork assaults. Umbra was thinking of ways to counter the Orks but Aries did the choise for him. He jumped up from the trench opening fire from his Heavy Bolter at the Orks walking forward. His squad mates yelled after him but they knew they had to use this opportunity. They started to fortify the trenches with what ever at hand. Aries ran out of bullets throwing the Heavy Bolter at an charging Ork squishing it beneth the weight of the gun. Aries just rammed at the Choppa Waveing Orks. It didn't take too long for the Orks to over run the lone space marine, but it had given enough time to fortify the trenches a little and the four remaining marines opened fire at the Orks. Even with the fortifications the Orks assaulted the trench but marines were able to battle them back and then an explosion signaled the arrival of the rest of Vulcans soldiers. The Orks were driven back and some space marines secured the area. Umbra's Squad rushed to Aries who was mangled beyond recognition. Umbra personally explained Aries bravery and asked for him to be made into a dreadnought if possible. Salamander didn't want to lose a promising soldier and so he was made into a dreadnought.

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