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Green Shadows, Chapter 4: To This Day

Chapter 4: To This Day

Umbra had risen to Deamonhod, but what of the other Scouts. Aries the heroic space marine now turned into Dreadnought had been the leader of the Armored Company but now the demonic influense was making him unstable and it was not long that Umbra had to switch the command from Aries who had berserk like seizures. Spatha the orginal 2nd in command lead the 1st company of the Green Shadows and was gifted a Deamonic Sword from Umbra. It was a sword with Umbras own essence inside it. Thus making a kind of symbios between the two. Ignis had risen to being both the Master of the Forge and the Head Librarian of the chapter. After the downfall he was learning more of the sorcery of chaos his mind twisting by the warp. He always kept his distance from the chaos gods themselves maybe fearing them himself, but then he fell badly ill his breathing becoming harder and harder within just few weeks. The brilliant smith and psyker made stronger and stronger machines to aid him in breathing but after just few years he was reaching nearer and nearer to death. On his shameful moments he called upon the Chaos Gods pledging his loyalty if they only helped him overcome his sickness. Grandfather Nurgle had been waiting for this and with warp infusing with the sorceror he was twisted inside his armor made to serve Nurgle for the rest of his demonic days. Nurgle bestowed him with a familiar. Nurgling known as Raqz. Bringing the dreaded Nurgle's Rot with himself. He was sent to keep an eye out on Ignis and make sure he did serve the great Nurgle. Ignis still leads the Forge Company and searchs for ways to improve anything they have. Culter became the infamous leader of 2nd Company of the Green Shadows. He leads this bloodhungry assault company with speed of the dark gods behind him. He also was the vessel of alliance between Iron Warriors and Green Shadows. He was taken to dark halls of Iron Warriors fortress and he was given the Gene-Seed of the Iron Warrior Primarch Perturabo along the orginal Gene-Seed of Vulcan the Primarch of Salamanders. Ignis forged two power swords for Culter named after the two primarchs whose Gene-Seeds where fitted inside the marine. There was also 3rd Company but it was lead by the power hungry Porto who after Umbras rise to Deamonhood left the Green Shadows taking his whole Company with him to the Eye of Terror and to this day no one has seen even a shadow of the man or the rest of the Company. Armored Company lead was given to old marine of the Green Shadows who had been mutated and corrupted by chaos by binding himself into a Defiler. He gained the name Cancer and he now leads the tanks of Green Shadows with an Iron Claw, literally. Still the Renegade Chapter has almost 300 members. 200 members compose the 1st and 2nd company. Armored Company is around 70 Marines and Forge Company composing of about 30 marines all who are psykers and smithes of different calliber.

Eli tämmöinen pieni fluffi läjä tässä neljän päivän aikana. Toivottavasti edes jotakuta kiinnosti lueskella ja kyllä tiedän että siellä on varmaan lukemattomia kirjoitus virheitä, tyhmiä lausemuotoja ja ylipäätään huonoa tarinan kerrontaa, mutta kuitenkin tärkeintä olisi että tuosta saa yleisidean Chapterin menneisyydestä ja sen pääjäsenistä. Huomenna tiedossa päivitystä Deamon Prinssin kunnosta ja mahdollisesti jotain turinoita tämän päivän otteluista. Riippuen kuinka paljon alkoholipitoisia juomia tulee nautittua.

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